Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary To My Favorite Flyboys (and Gals!)


In 2007, I decided to attend a kite festival in Wildwood, NJ and had my mind blown! I met the founding four members of iQuad and saw my first ever precision kite flying team! On FOUR lines no less!!! Little did I know that it was also a premier event for them as a team! I went home from that festival and immediately invested in a Revolution kite! I had dismal luck with 2 line sport kites in the past. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, but I HAD to try this! It was exactly the kiting zen I had been searching for!

Five years later, iQuad is celebrating their 5th Anniversary and 100th festival at the Borneo International Kite Festival in Bintulu, Malaysia! They have built their team up into a very well oiled machine consisting of 8 talented men and women with additional alternate members throughout the United States and Canada. Some of those amazing folk have gone on to form their own uniquely wonderful flying teams!


Five years later, I am obcessed with this sport and am a halfway decent "Rev" flier. I have met wonderfully creative people and made friends with fliers all over the globe who either already flew or had experienced The iQuad Effect themselves. I'd be insanely curious to know just how many people have picked up quad kite flying because they saw the magic of an iQuad performance.

I was quite honored when iQuad approached me to design their 5th Anniversary Logo! :D I wanted to create something appropriate that conveyed the fun and complexity of what they do. In my mind it also had to be as colorful as the individual personalities of it's team members.

I would like to wish the team a Very Happy Anniversary and most of all say THANK YOU for getting me off the ground!