Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend!


Hope y'all have a happy, fun and safe Halloween Weekend!

Part of my répertoire is doing photo restorations. This creepy photo is from a local Pennsylvanian historical society that I dealt with earlier this summer. Sadly I have no year or explanation for the photo other than it was for a town Halloween parade. I thought it was worth saving for this occasion! And yes, there are 2 pumpkin babies in this photo as well. Shudder!


For those of you who missed The Great Pumpkin this year, you can watch it here!...

ps. Lucy's ~such~ a downer! GEEZ!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It Has Gotten Colder!


As a result I am already starting to miss wearing my Vibram FiveFingers shoes! They had become a staple to my wardrobe this past summer as I had bought them for more fitness related activities. After getting over the initial shock over how different these shoes are and breaking them in, I had noticed the benefit to wearing them rather immediately! Muscles in my legs had gotten stronger. My feet had become more flexible. My center of gravity felt better. Now that it's back to "normal" shoes for the fall and winter months, I am definitely noticing how much the traditional shoe design constricts the feet! I thought these shoes were the silliest things I had ever seen when I first read about them over a year ago, but now I'm a convert! It's nice to see the word spreading about these awesome shoes in the media and online. Check out their facebook page for more interesting info about the product:

Talk about thinking oustide of the box though! As a designer, I have to give Vibram major props for this revolutionary product!