Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Art of Logo Design


Logo creation has got to be one of the most esoteric forms of graphic design, I think. How to encapsulate the essence of someone's business and personality into one attractive and easy to read design? One of the most effective logos in history (in my opinion) is that of FedEx. Their fun colors contain a hidden arrow that suggests movement. The logo that I had created for myself is an amalgam of my personal interests into one symbol. I had wanted something creative and universal to cover the many aspects of my art and design.

Meaghan has started up a website for her business Ilus Elu (Estonian for Beautiful Life). She produces earth friendly spa and beauty products made with organic materials and green packaging. With her logo, I brought in graphic elements to represent the clean beautiful aspects of nature present in her line of products. I had also wanted to convey a sense of personal luxury. Which design did she choose? You'll have to visit her site to find out! http://www.iluselu.ca/

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary!


LeshockArts.com is a year old this week! On behalf of my brother and I, we'd like to thank ~Everyone~ who has visited our sites over the past year and patronized our individual talents! In this challenging economy we appreciate your business more than ever! It is my plan to constantly expand this site into a multifaceted center where I can continue to showcase my art and design services as well as feature Mark's ever growing portfolio of awesome tattoo work! Mark and I have been reaching an ever widening audience through the website and I am excited with plans to offer more products in the months ahead. Always feel free to browse the site, shop, and call or email us with questions! Thanks again for your positive feedback and patronage!