Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Promoting Great People

My longtime friend and guitar mentor, Rod DeGeorge, has just put out his first music video! You may recall reading about Rod when I launched this blog and did design work for his current CD, Cosmic Playground. Rod has an amazing talent and those fortunate enough to know him personally also know what a generous and modest soul he is. Check out his YouTube page for more guitar goodness!

Edit: Rod has had some misfortune behind the wheel of late. :( If you want to support a great artist and help with his medical bills, I highly recommend purchasing some of his music online. His MySpace page and website have the details:



On another personal note, it has not been a good summer at Casa Leshock. One of my family has been in and out of the hospital and it has been quite the daily struggle to keep my life and emotions in balance. My family is a huge part of my life and I come from one which is very close. We all suffer such things together. Also, I cannot stress enough how large a part music plays in my life. I owe half of my creative inspiration to listening to great music while I design. I find listening to the blues particularly cathartic when times are stressful. Before the medical issues had come to light, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Joe Bonamassa for the second time this year and at Penn's Peak no less! This show came in the thick of some pretty heavy stuff I've been dealing with and it allowed me an escape for a few hours. That is no small feat! My personal thanks to Joe for putting on an awesome show and being another creative force you all out there should definitely take notice of!