Friday, November 11, 2011

Now With Imagekind!


I'm Very Happy to announce that my prints and artworks are now available on Imagekind! Being a quality snob (especially when it comes to printing), I have long searched for an online service in which to offer prints to my satisfaction. I was thrilled with all of the options available through Imagekind. They allow you to customize your choice of print paper, matting, framing and even do canvas prints! If you don't want to be bothered with all of those details, you can simply choose the recommended selections I have already prepared for you! Prices vary from the economical to deluxe. I hope that you give my galleries a look and find something special to gift yourself or someone special this holiday season! As always, I would be honored to have my work hanging in your home or office!

Please know that I will still offer signed prints of any art that you see on my websites. Kindly contact me personally with your order. All info can be found at my site, here!

Veterans Day 2011

To ALL who are serving or have served, Happy Veterans Day! As a wise friend reminded me, today's holiday celebrates those who have survived. ♥ THANK YOU for protecting our freedom!