Monday, May 10, 2010

RIP Frank Frazetta 1928-2010


I may be a designer by trade, but I am an illustrator at heart. Frank Frazetta was one of my main artistic influences growing up and it is because of him that I pursued art as a career. There had been some ugly estate battles going on within his family of late which look as if they've been resolved. Frank did make peace with his eldest son before his fatal heart attack. I hope his children can pull together enough to get the museum back up and running. Frazetta's art should be viewable to the public! The reproduced images in print and online really do not do the paintings justice. Fantasy Art is still ART, no matter what the artworld elite say. Frank could crank out the best paintings full of color and life without much effort. I will always love his work, no matter where my own artistic journeys carry me. His paintings paved the way for so many other great artists and his influence clearly extended to the silver screen as well. The world has lost an icon on this day. :(

Until his official website is back up and running, you can see images of his work here: