Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Finished Product


When I worked for a printing company for many years, I was responsible not only for creating designs for our clients, but also the printing of those pieces as well. I literally took my design from concept to final product. It is an ability I sorely miss now that I have gone freelance. In today's global community, I can submit the final designs to my clients electronically across the globe. For as miraculous as that is, I rarely get to see the design in it's finished form. Furthermore I no longer have control over the print and color quality of my work and it frustrates me at times.

It is a thrill to me now when I get to see photos of my completed work. I am particularly pleased with the wind banners I have been designing lately. I created these personal banners for Ben Dantonio of Revolution Kites. These are successful designs on several levels. Not only do they convey Ben's personality, but they are also very easy to read from a distance. Case in point is this image from The Kite Loft's webcam during the Maryland International Kite Exposition. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see them in their intended environment! It was a double bonus for me as I had also spied the banners I had done for Team iQuad as well!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

How Apropos!

How synchronous is it that I find that one of my submitted photos has finally been used at Coastal Living Magazine???! Furthermore this is National Kite Month!

You can see this photo on Coastal Living's site here.

National Kite Month runs from March 27th through May 2nd, 2010. Get out there in this beautiful spring weather and put some art in the sky! Don't forget to support your local kite festivals and organizations.